Method Libraries

The initial requirement for the line drawing facilities was to be able to lookup the place notation from a standard library format in order to avoid making the user have to enter place notation of existing methods by hand. Nor did I want to maintain any method libraries. So the place notation files that work with MicroSiril were chosen due to their simple text file format.

To make best use of the Blue Line software, you should install all the place notation libraries (WinZip File in a sub-directory of "C:\Documents", or some other convenient location. The text files must not be altered in any way by renaming or file format conversion utilities. The file name is used to determine the number of bells in the method when extracting place notation. The rest of the file name is used to guess the full printing name of the method. e.g. "S6" is Surprise Minor.

For a tutorial on understanding the place notation files, read Adobe Acrobat Document Place_Notation_Files.pdf.